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Windjammer | Kevin Bell


Thrill to the vibrant energy of tall ships and the open sea.

Duration: 3' 45″
Difficulty: Intermediate
Audio Sample: Windjammer
Sample Score: Score


This  energetic piece inspired by the beauty and majesty of the sea and the great tall ships is an ideal second half opener for any concert.

Windjammer begins with a pounding shuffle pattern on toms tom’s in 12/8 time, this is taken up by accented lower brass played over by a forceful fanfare like melody.

Feel the thrill and power of a majestic sailing ship as sails are hoisted and trimmed to ‘jam’ the exhilarating power of the wind.

Various cross themes develop as the pace and feel changes, slowing into a melodic straight 4/4 time as the ship gently yields to the wind and glides gracefully through the water. Themes are passed through the band and the music swells into full band sections.

This slower section then returns to the original 12/8 driving opening riff of the piece uncovering various short themes before building to a triple forte punchy ending.

Soprano, Solo, Repiano, 2nd and 3rd Cornets
Solo, 1st and 2nd Tenor Horns
1st and 2nd Baritone
1st, 2nd and Bass Trombone
Eb and Bb Basses
Percussion parts (4):
1: Timpani
2: Drum kit
3: Xylophone / Glockenspiel
4: (Optional) Bass Drum / Tambourine / Tam Tam / Cymbal / Mark Tree

ISMN: 979-0-708127-05-5

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