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About Us

The Marcato Brass difference.

Marcato Brass, as a label of Bell Music Publishing are committed not only to bringing you the best in new music, but also supporting our composers and customers in as many ways that we can.

We edit every piece of music we advertise, to ensure it is as readable and professionally laid out as possible, and correct mistakes immediately.

We print on highest quality matt cream manuscript paper for the best reading experience whilst in concert, in rehearsal and under lights.

We can print on coloured paper for dyslexic musicians.

We can transpose parts for individual musicians (e.g. for French horn players who want to play jazz!)

Trombone parts are written in treble clef in Brass Band music, but we can print trombone parts in treble clef for other genres too, including our Brass Ensemble pieces.

We listen – to our composers and our customers, and we love new ideas. Just let us know what you think, and what you’d like.